Welcome to Mr. Holman’s Class

My name is Tonie Holman

I work in Myrtle Beach Elementary School.

Below is a Newsletter I created for my former students.

Sports Newsletter1

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Violence Among Athletes


Do you think professional athletes should get special treatment? As me being very involved with sports I realized that athletes seem to get away with a whole lot of things. The athletes fight, push, and use negative language towards one another and to the coaches. Do you think owners should accept such behavior? To begin with, for me if you have someone recognizing your team and you a manager or owner, don’t you think their should be well behaved? Not only is they getting paid to play these sports but there getting paid to entertain and  not in a bad way.  Many kids look up to a lot of these wonderful athletes  as their  hero.  As soon as fans see the professionals do it they will automatically feel that it’s alright for them to do the exact same thing. I really think if they show bad behavior they should be punish as if they was a regular person in the streets. In this day and time all they do is give them a fine and what does that do to pro athletes that got thousands if not millions of dollars. Therefore, they must learn a valuable lesson. There should be another way to handle all these disruptions in sports.  Maybe suspension, or if it get bad enough they should be kicked out the league for good. The more the managers and owners let this go on the  worst the sports as a whole will get. Who knows what  will happen next? Someone may get seriously hurt or possibly killed.  There are some sports that really allow the fighting. The vicious sport is hockey. Over the years fans began to be involved in the violence with certain players.  Fans, I think should also act in a orderly manner. They should never say things to the athletes that get them aggravated.  Something must be done to stop all the violence within sports.


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